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New to Novo mesto?

Dear newcomers, moving to a new city and adapting to a new environment can be full of challenges. That is why it is very important integration to the new society takes place as easily as possible. Municipality of Novo mesto has established strategic objectives to transform its settlements into a smarter, more sustainable, and inclusive community making the municipality a place to stay and socialise in a regional, national, and cross-border context. Novo mesto is a lively, economically successful and culturally rich community, which allows people to reach their potential. High-quality education, numerous public institutions and a wide range of activities are a guarantee for a good quality of life. This is also the purpose of this guide to provide information about public services and organisations available in our beautiful town.


The Municipality of Novo Mesto

The Municipality of Novo mesto (Slovene: Mestna občina Novo mesto) is a municipality in southeastern Slovenia, close to the border with Croatia. It is located midway (on the A2 motorway) between two capitals: 70 km southeast of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana and 80 km west of Croatia’s capital Zagreb. Novo mesto is alson the capital of Dolenjska region. Throughout history, this territory has been an important transit area. Novo mesto is a development hub providing access to services and jobs to its population and regionally, for approximately 140,000 inhabitants as well as at national and cross-border level. There are approximately 37,300 people living in the municipality, with over 23,000 living in the town of Novo mesto that is the seat of the municipality. Total municipal area is 236 square km. Novo mesto is the seventh largest town in Slovenia and the Municipality of Novo mesto is one of the eleven Urban Municipalities in Slovenia. The rich archaeological sites in Novo mesto have also made it known as Novo mesto – The Town of Situlae. Novo mesto is the administrative, economic, ecclesiastical, cultural, educational, medical and sports centre of the Southeast Region of Slovenia. It is a hub of plentiful activities, which goes far beyond the regional framework. It is recognisable by its exceptionally successful pharmaceutical, automotive, construction, textile and other industries, as the municipality is home to large companies such as Krka, Revoz, Adria Mobil and TPV. That is why Novo mesto is called “the export capital of Slovenia”.

City life compass

What kind of services does the administrative unit provide?

At the administrative unit, you can take care of matters related to residence permits, the registration of your temporary or permanent residence, single permits for work and residence (see the Employment section), marriages, the issue of birth certificates and driving licences, replacements of lost documents, etc. You can only apply for a temporary residence permit if you have entered Slovenia legally and you meet other conditions (e.g. if you study or work in Slovenia). As a general rule, the initial permit should be applied for at a consulate or embassy of the Republic of Slovenia abroad, while extensions can be requested at your local administrative unit. If you move, the administrative unit should be notified of your temporary residence within 8 days. For children born in Slovenia, the maternity hospital will provide all the relevant details to the administrative unit and the birth certificate will be sent to your address. However, the baby is not automatically granted Slovenian citizenship. A residence permit is issued to children born in Slovenia of its own motion. The parents must submit the child’s photo and passport – if the child already has one – to the administrative unit within 3 months. The child will not be entitled to health insurance until he or she has a residence permit. A number of administrative matters can also be taken care of via the eUprava portal.

Upravna enota Novo mesto, Novo mesto Administrative Unit
Defranceschijeva ulica 1, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 39 39 102

What kind of assistance can the social work centre provide?

You can contact the social work centre any time you are in distress or have a problem. Theadvisers will help you. They can provide financial assistance, help with integrating into thecommunity, support for families and children, and consultations on a variety of topics. Initialsocial assistance refers to the initial conversation with a social worker, where you discuss yourproblem and find a solution together. You will receive information on the types of help availableand how to obtain it, including financial assistance and help provided by other organisations(the Red Cross, Karitas, etc.).
How can you access initial social assistance? Visit the centre during office hours for your firstconversation with a social worker. There is no need to make an appointment in advance. Inemergencies, you can also find help outside office hours, but only during opening hours.
Personal assistance means personalised long-term counselling aimed at solving yourproblems. It can also include handling various matters and providing guidance. Itdepends onyour needs and the only condition is your voluntary and active cooperation. You will beassigned an adviser who will help you draw up a plan to solve the problem and will guide youon your way, helping you to reach the solution and organise your life. Family counsellingmeans providing assistance with relationships between family members and childcare. It issimilar to personal assistance but with multiple family members included in the counselling.
Financial assistance: You can apply for child benefits, social assistance benefits in cash,income support, reduced kindergarten fees, subsidised meals for primary and secondaryschool students, subsidies for rent, exemption from payments for compulsory health insuranceand/or social assistance services, etc.
More information about your rights is available at

Center za socialno delo Dolenjska in Bela krajina, Enota Novo mesto, Dolenjska Social Work Centre, Novo mesto Unit
Resslova ulica 7b, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 39 32 640, +386 39 32 642

Health insurance provides the appropriate health and social security in case of illness orinjury since it covers the costs when you are ill, injured or have any other medical need.The basic characteristic of health insurance is that the rights of every person or his orher dependent family members are linked to the insurance registration and the paymentof the relevant contribution (in case of compulsory health insurance) or premium (incase of voluntary health insurance). Health insurance in Slovenia is compulsory foranyone who meets the conditions laid down in the Health Care and Health InsuranceAct (hereinafter: the ZZVZZ). The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia establisheswhether someone has obtained the status of an insured person based on the insuranceregistration lodged by the registrant. When the conditions for the insurance cease toexist, the registrant has to deregister a person from the insurance. The registrant of aninsured person is a natural or legal person determined by the ZZVZZ as the personliable for payment of the compulsory health insurance contribution, unless otherwiseprovided by law (e.g. the Exercise of Rights to Public Funds Act stipulates that insuredpersons referred to in point 21 of Article 15(1) of the ZZVZZ are registered by the HealthInsurance Institute of Slovenia and the contribution is paid by the municipality). Insuredpersons exercise their right to access paid medical services using their health insurancecard. The registrant of an insured person’s family member is the insured person throughwhich that family member will be insured (a child is registered by a parent, a spouse byhis or her spouse, etc.). Insured persons who are foreign nationals and are not includedin health insurance in Slovenia have the right to emergency or necessary medicalservices. These are paid for in accordance with European acquis, internationalagreements or the Slovenian national budget. Voluntary health insurance provided byother insurance companies (such as Vzajemna, Generali, Triglav, etc.) is divided intocomplementary health insurance, which covers the difference up to the fullprice ofservices that are not fully covered by the compulsory health insurance (servicesreferred to in points 2 through 6 of Article 23 of the ZZVZZ), and voluntary healthinsurance covering a wider range of rights or a higher standard of services, which arenot set out in the compulsory insurance, and additional rights, which are not included inthe compulsory health insurance – additional or supplementary health insurance.

ZZZS OE Novo mesto, Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, Novo mesto Regional Unit
Prešernov trg 7, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 39 393 500

Once you have taken care of your compulsory health insurance, you will need tochoose a personal physician (GP) who you will consult in case of health issues. The listof available physicians is available on the website of the Health Insurance Institute ofSlovenia (ZZZS), under the tab Medical services – Select your personal physician. Thehealth centre also houses clinics for infants and school-age children offering medicalservices and counselling.
In addition to a personal GP, you are expected to choose a personal dentist and apersonal gynaecologist.
Health centres also offer counselling services, which provide information on how to lookafter your health, have a healthy diet, stay physically active, maintain a healthy weight,live without harmful habits (such as smoking or drinking alcohol), maintain goodinterpersonal relationships and manage stress. All counselling services and workshopsare free of charge and open to everyone looking to do something positive for theirhealth. Enquire at your nearest health centre for details.
For urgent medical assistance, call the free phone number 112 or visit an emergencyunit, which is open 24/7.
Multilingual handbooks are available for easier communication in medical mattersSlovenian-English-French. 

Zdravstveni dom Novo mesto, Novo mesto Health Centre
Kandijska cesta 4, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 16 700

Splošna bolnišnica Novo mesto, Novo mesto Hospital
Šmihelska cesta 1, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 16 100

We constantly strive to enable the employers from our municipality to choose from awide range of high-quality staff, that is why education plays an important role in ourvision of the town. Nine primary schools, the renowned tradition of our secondarygrammar school, the large School Centre and the state-of-the-Art Centre forBiotechnology and Tourism, have been in recent years joined by other institutions ofhigher education and, there are also increasingly expressed aspirations to establish auniversity.

When, how and where to enrol your child in kindergarten
Your child can be enrolled in kindergarten from the age of 11 months onwards. Subjectto availability, your child can be enrolled at any time during the year. To enrol, visit yournearest kindergarten where you can collect the registration form and other information.As kindergarten is not compulsory, it is subject to a fee. The amount depends on thekindergarten and your income. At the social work centre, you can inquire whether youare entitled to a reduced kindergarten fee. The application for a reduced kindergartenfee should be submitted no later than one month before the child starts kindergarten.

Vrtec Ciciban, Kindergarten Ciciban
Ragovska ulica 18, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 37 18 311

Vrtec Stopiče, Kindergarten Stopiče
Stopiče 37, 8322 Stopiče
+386 7 30 80 900

Vrtec Pedenjped, Kindergarten Pedenjped
Šegova ulica 22, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 371 82 50

Vrtec Otočec, Kindergarten Otočec
Šolska cesta 20, 8222 Otočec
+386 7 30 99 900

Vrtec Brusnice, Kindergarten Brusnice
Velike Brusnice 101, 8321 Brusnice
+386 7 30 85 404

Zasebni družinski vrtec Jana, Private Family kindergarten Jana
Pod Trško Goro 13, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 337 0 337

Zasebni družinski vrtec Ringa raja, Private Family kindergarten Ringa raja
Ragovo 2, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 33 80 355

… in primary school
Slovenia has compulsory primary education for children from 6 to 15 years of age.Primary school has nine grades and is free of charge. Your child should be enrolled inthe first grade of primary school in the calendar year in which they turn 6. Enrolment inprimary school takes place in February. Visit your nearest primary school to learn moreabout enrolment and the curriculum, including for children who have previouslyattended primary school. Information on reduced fees for brunch and lunch is availableat the social work centre.

Osnovna šola Grm, Primary School Grm

Trdinova ulica 7, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 35 900

Osnovna šola Center, Primary School Center
Seidlova cesta 7, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 37 19 000

Osnovna šola Bršljin, Primary School Bršljin
Kočevarjeva ulica 40, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 33 81 400

Osnovna šola Drska, Primary School Drska
Ulica Slavka Gruma 63, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 35 860

Osnovna šola Šmihel, Primary School Šmihel
Šmihel 2, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 35 100

Osnovna šola Stopiče, Primary School Stopiče
Stopiče 37, 8322 Stopiče
+386 7 30 80 900

Osnovna šola Brusnice, Primary School Brusnice
Velike Brusnice 101, 8321 Brusnice
+386 7 33 46 820

Osnovna šola Dragotina Ketteja, Primary School Dragotin Kette
Šegova ulica 114, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 37 30 850

Osnovna šola Otočec, Primary School Otočec
Šolska cesta 20, 8222 Otočec
+386 7 30 99 900

Podružnična osnovna šola Podgrad
Podgrad 2, 8000 Novo mesto
07 308 96 89

Podružnična osnovna šola Mali Slatnik
Mali Slatnik 7, 8000 Novo mesto
07 334 41 35

Podružnična osnovna šola Birčna vas
Birčna vas 1, 8000 Novo mesto
07 307 95 50

Podružnična osnovna šola Dolž
Šolska cesta 11, 8000 Novo mesto
07 308 92 56

… in secondary school
Secondary education has three or four grades and takes place in general uppersecondary schools (gimnazija), vocational schools and technical schools. Calls forenrolment are published in February. Schools also hold visitors’ days in February whereyou can find out more about the curriculum. Enrolment takes place in March. Secondaryschool students may also be entitled to a reduced brunch fee.

Gimnazija Novo mesto, Secondary Grammar School Novo mesto

Seidlova cesta 9, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 371 85 00

Ekonomska šola Novo mesto, School of Economics Novo mesto
Ulcia talcev 3a, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 32 60

Šolski center Novo mesto, School Centre Novo mesto
Šegova ulica 112, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 32 100

Grm Center biotehnike in turizma, The state-of-the-Art Centre for Biotechnology and Tourism
Sevno 13, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 393 47 00

… tertiary education
The third set of education, tertiary education, consists of two parts, higher professionaleducation (lasts 2 years) and higher education (lasts 3 or 4 years). Higher education inSlovenia is governed by the Bologna Process. The first level is higher educationprofessional study programs and university study programs, the second levels aremaster's study programs and new master's study programs, and the third level isdoctoral study programs.

Visoka šola za upravljanje in poslovanjeNovo mesto, College of Management and BusinessNovo mesto
Na Loko 2, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 300 10

Visoka šola za tehnologije in sisteme - VITES, College of Technologies and Systems - VITES
Na Loko 2, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 300 19

Fakulteta za poslovne in upravne vede, Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences
Na Loko 2, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 300 19

Fakulteta za zdravstvene vede Novo mesto, Faculty of Health Sciences Novo mesto
Na Loko 2, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 39 300 30; +386 7 39 300 18

Fakulteta za informacijske študije, Faculty of Information Studies
Ulica talcev 3, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 37 37 884

Fakulteta za organizacijske študije, Faculty of Organizational Studies
Novi trg 5, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 5 907 41 64

Fakulteta za industrijski inženiring - FINI, Faculty of Industrial Engineering - FINI
Šegova ulica 112, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 322 06

Visoka šola za upravljanje podeželja Grm Novo mesto, College of Rural Management Grm Novo mesto
Sevno 13, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 34 706

DOBA (RIC NM je študijsko središče za študij nadaljavo), RIC NM is a study center for distance learning
Topliška cesta 2, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 34 554

Are you an adult looking to finish your education? Would you like to further youreducation? You have a number of options available for finishing or obtaining a formaleducation, as well as for participating in free non-formal education programmes, suchas workshops and talks on personal growth, strengthening basic skills, easierintegration into the local environment, etc. Do you have the skills and know-how for aspecific vocation but no formal qualifications? You can enrol in the National VocationalQualification (Nacionalna poklicna kvalifikacija, NPK) programme, which is the fastestway to the vocation you want. Contact the adult education providers in yourmunicipality. They will be happy to provide advice and assistance. Some adulteducation programmes are free of charge.
Some adult education programmes are also available at the Institute of the RS forVocational Education and Training (Center RS za poklicno izobraževanje, and the Institute for Business Education (Center za poslovnousposabljanje:

Razvojno-izobraževalni center - RIC Novo mesto, Development and educational centre Novo mesto
Topliška cesta 2, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 39 34 50

Learning Slovenian is sure to make your life in a new environment easier. Citizens ofthird countries (all countries except EU and EEA member states and Switzerland) cantake advantage of the free Slovenian language course organised as part of theprogramme for initial immigrant integration (Začetna integracija priseljencev, ZIP). Thecourses are organised throughout Slovenia; the provider’s contact details are includedbelow. The full updated list is available here: You can take part in the course ifyou have a valid residence permit, have not completed and are not currently enrolled inan education programme in Slovenia and have not yet passed the basic-level Slovenianlanguage exam. The course lasts up to 180 hours. In order to take part, you will need acertificate from the administrative unit (Certificate on meeting the enrolment conditions –Potrdilo o izpolnjevanju pogojev za udeležbo v enotnem programu), which costs EUR22.60. 80% lecture attendance is a condition to sit the exam. Exams are free of charge.In collaboration with the Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language (at theDepartment of Slovene Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana), itcarries out basic-level Slovenian language exams according to the state-approvedprogramme in Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language.
In addition to these courses, you can also take part in other activities aimed atimproving your Slovenian language skills. At the Development and Education CenterNovo mesto (RIC NM), in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, they have beenorganizing Slovenian language courses for citizens of third countries for two years. Byworking with the lecturer, you can gradually acquire new vocabulary, which can greatlyfacilitate the process of communication in Slovenian. Through the texts, you also get toknow and train yourself in the field of grammar. The course is based on topics that areimportant for everyday life and are also included in the Slovenian language exam.

Razvojno-izobraževalni center - RIC Novo mesto, Development and educational centre Novo mesto

Topliška cesta 2, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 39 34 50

At the Association for the Development of Voluntery Work (DRPD NM) there are severalgroups of foreigners who learn Slovenian here, depending on their knowledge. Slovenelanguage learning courses are held on daily basis for adults as well as for adolescentsand children. The latter are also offered additional learning support, both in the DayCenter for Children and in the Youth Center. The association offers comprehensivesupport for integration to all migrants.

Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto (DPRD NM), Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo mesto

Novi trg 9, 8000 Novo mesto – 2nd floor (above the Telekom store)

+386 7 39 39 274

The application for a work permit is included in the application for a single permit forwork and residence, which enables foreign nationals from third countries to enter, liveand work in Slovenia.
The application for a single permit should be submitted at the administrative unit if youare already in Slovenia or at the Slovenian consulate or embassy in your country.Before submitting the application, make sure you notify your employer, as they will needto ensure that their tax obligations are settled in full on the day of submission.
The procedure for issuing the permit is managed by the administrative unit, whileapproval is issued by the Employment Service, provided you meet the requiredconditions. The conditions differ depending on the type of work. More details areavailable at the Employment Service and online at
Work permits for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and citizens of Serbia, as well asfor seasonal jobs in agriculture that last under 90 days, are issued by the EmploymentService.
Self-employment: Foreign nationals can enter into self-employment after a one-yearuninterrupted legal stay in Slovenia or after registering in the business register. In thiscase, approval from the Employment Service is not required.
To find out more about your own and your employer’s rights and obligations, contact theworkers’ counselling centre Delavska svetovalnica by calling the free phone number080 14 34 or visiting
Info-point for foreign nationals:

Zavod Republike Slovenije za zaposlovanje, Območna služba Novo mesto, Employment service of the Republic of Slovenia, Local Office Novo mesto

Šentjernejska cesta 6, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 39 35 800 , +386 1 330 81 20

Leisure activities are very important for your well-being in a new environment. Why notjoin an activity in your town and get acquainted with the locals? Most of them are free ofcharge and their providers are always happy to meet new participants. For details,contact each organisation directly.
The Municipality of Novo mesto offers a wide range of leisure activities. For those whowant contact with nature, there are river Krka and Gorjanci Hills, enthusiasts of culturehave certainly heard of Anton Podbevšek Theatre or Festival Jazzinty and Fotopub,sports enthusiasts can see the basketball champions Krka, Novo mesto’s town squareis a traditional finish of Tour of Slovenia, in which Slovenian colors are represented bythe cyclists of Adria Mobil. The hungry and thirsty can fortify themselves with localdelicacies offered in the cottages of the wine growing district on Trška Gora.
What is also important for the quality of life is the time that our residents spend outsidework or school. In the fields of culture, sports and entertainment, we have focused onthe revitalization of the town centre, which gives the events organized in the old town aspecial charm, whether it be wide od range of cultural festivals and events or jumps inthe Krka River from the Kandija bridge.

TIC Novo mesto, Tourist Information center

Glavni trg 11, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 39 39 263

Zavod Novo mesto, Novo mesto Institute
+386 7 39 30 390

Sports activities: Sports activities are the domain of sports clubs. Take a look at theaddresses online to see what is available in your town. There will almost certainly be alocal football, basketball, handball or volleyball team for you to join, as well as amountaineering club that will introduce you to the neighbouring hills so you can exploreyour new home.
Culture activities: If you have a preference for culture rather than sports, you can visit atheatre, museum or gallery in town, take in an exhibition or join the local culture societyto discover the sights with other members.

Anton Podbevšek Teater, Anton Podbevšek Theatre

Prešernov trg 3, 8000 Novo mesto

Dolenjski muzej, Dolenjska Museum
Muzejska ulica 7, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 373 11 30

Youth centres provide spaces where secondary school students, university studentsand other young people can meet, socialise and participate in activities. They organisesocial and cultural events, sports activities and informal educational activities(workshops, courses, lectures, round tables).

Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto (DPRD NM) – Dnevni center in Mladinski center,

Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo mesto - Day centre and Youth Center
Novi trg 9, 8000 Novo mesto – 2nd floor (above theTelekom store)

+386 7 39 39 274

Mladinski center Oton, Oton Youth Centre
Župančičevo sprehajališče 1, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 620 02 09

Libraries provide a true treasure trove of information about current activities in yourtown. Be sure to visit your nearest library and enquire about the newest events.Libraries also organise numerous events for your toddlers and schoolchildren.

Knjižnica Mirana Jarca Novo mesto, Miran Jarc Library in Novo mesto

Rozmanova ulica 28, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 39 34 600

Public transportation in the Municipality of Novo mesto is available with regularlines, visitors and residents can park their cars in parking lots in many locations inNovo mesto, and tourists also have a stop for motorhomes in nearby Portovalarea (
City center visitors are offered free transportation with an electric minibus calledLeon, named after the famous Leon Štukelj (+386 31 663 067).
Two cars named Rudi, intended for the elderly population, are available tocitizens on call and free of charge (+386 80 10 10).
A GoNm bicycle rental system is also available(
Furthermore, we are establishing an electric car rental system for Novo mesto.

Avtobusna postaja Novo mesto, Bus station Novo mesto
Topliška cesta 1, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 332 11 23

Bus transportation lines:
Line 1A: Mali Slatnik - Novo mesto (ul. SG, Drska, Center) - Mali Slatnik
Line 1B: Gotna vas - Kamence - Bršljin - Gotna vas
Line 2: Srebrniče - Sevno Cemetery
Line 3: Podbreznik - Sevno
Line 4: Sevno - Krka - Ragovo - Hedera - Bus station - Sevno
Line 5: (Krka, Mestne njive) - Main square - Hospital - Regrča village - Main square - (Krka, Mestne njive)

Železniška postaja Novo mesto, Novo mesto Railway Station
Kolodvorska cesta 1, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 298 39 34

Railway transportation lines:
Ljubljana - New Town - Ljubljana
Novo mesto - Metlika - Novo mesto

Taxi službe v Novem mestu, Novo mesto taxi services:
Taxi Grubar: +386 41 613 965
Taxi Jakše: +386 41 625 108
Taxi Perko: +386 41 708 733
Taxi Gazvoda: +386 41 330 400
Taxi Adamov: +386 41 210 318

Pošta Slovenija, Novo mesto, Post Office, Novo mesto

Novi trg 7, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 371 86 80

Davčni urad Novo mesto, Tax Office Novo mesto

Kandijska cesta 21, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 371 96 00

Rdeči križ Slovenije, Območno združenje Novo mesto, Red Cross of Slovenia, Regional Association Novo mesto

Ulica Slavka Gurma 54a, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 39 33 120

Varna hiša Novo mesto, Safe house Novo mesto
p.p. 345, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 332 68 95
+386 31 393 614

Škofijska karitas Novo mesto, Diocesan Caritas Novo mesto
Smrečnikova ulica 60, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 384 44 22

Posvetovalnica za učence in starše Novo mesto, Consultation Room for children and young people
Mušičeva ulica 2, 8000 Novo mesto
+386 7 39 34 420

If you find yourself in a situation where your own or someone else’s life is at risk, dial112 (emergency services, fire brigade, police).
If you are a victim of a crime, if you have witnessed a crime or if you believe a crime hasbeen committed, call the police on 113. You can also call the police anonymously onthe free phone number 080 1200.

For more information please visit or contact the Local Welfare Office.

Pisarna lokalne blaginje, Local Welfare Office
Gubčeva ulica 15, 8000 Novo mesto

+386 7 39 39 233